The automotive bug hits us all differently. In my case it was the quickest way to feel humiliated of my skills on a daily basis, creating the insatiable urge to learn without limits. Ever changing technology and the seamlessly connected functions of electronics, software, and hardware have intrigued me more and more as time goes on. I’m continually obsessed with perfecting all aspects of everything that is involved before, during, and after mashing that gas pedal. KYLETUNEDIT is the culmination of 15+ years of experience and allows me to bring constantly evolving developments to end users and other professionals alike with cutting edge solutions to solve problems and push the envelope.


-Kyle LeBlanc

co-founder of KYLETUNEDIT LLC

KYLETUNEDIT LLC was founded in 2022 by husband and wife Kyle LeBlanc and Laura Funeme in Las Vegas, NV.


Founder Kyle LeBlanc has over 15 years of experience in the Automotive Industry ranging from general repair, performance engine building, EFI calibration, electronics systems design, software/firmware design, manufacturing, and racing. He has worked with numerous professional drivers and shops around the world to perfect their programs and operations.


Co-founder Laura Funeme is Kyle’s wife, and brings several years of professional experience administrating an international construction firm for her family. She is a civil-engineering undergraduate student and brings to life many of the systems that help us operate seamlessly on a daily basis.

Kyle LeBlanc & Laura Funeme, SEMA Show 2021

Husband and wife co-founders of KYLETUNEDIT LLC